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XO Clock 3
XO Clock3

The master clock oscillator is one of the most important elements in CD or DVD Player or transport. The whole process of reading data from disc, decoding, demultiplexing, motor servo control as well as digital to analog conversion depends alone on this oscillator. If its stability is not particularly good it won't affect the overall functionality of the replay equipment, but if the same, "not so precise" master oscillator controls D/A conversion inside the player, the sound at the output comes out also "not so precisely" and the whole playback process suffers. What we get is muffled and aggressive sound with poor spatial definition.These are the typical symptoms of what is known as Jitter.

Reducing master oscillator jitter brings such improvements as better definition and placement of instruments, wider and deeper soundstage, cleaner highs and even sharper picture in case of DVD players.

Many manufacturers of CD and DVD players had begun to acknowledge that, but in reality you can find such oscillators only in the Top-of-the-Range equipment from the Elite group of manufacturers such as Linn, Wadia, Mark Levinson or Krell.

In all other ordinary CD/DVD replay units standard CMOS inverter type oscillators are still being used. Off the shelf , low cost and mediocre quality Quartz Crystals with100ppm, rather that 5ppm tolerance and poorly decoupled power supply design does the rest .

Therefore we highly recommend to replace the whole oscillator circuitry with the new, High Precision, Low Jitter Oscillator.