XO Clock3
XO Clock 3

XO Clock3 main improvements include

  • Long Life BC-Components main reservoir capacitor
  • Low-Impedance Tantalum Capacitors
  • Lower Noise HF-Transistors
  • More Stable and Lower Drift Power Supplies
  • Low loss Capacitors in main Signal path
  • Optimised Layout and Ground plane
  • Ultra High Speed IC at the output

The XO Clock3 is further development of its predecessor, the XO Clock2.

By using higher quality and closer tolerance parts as well as incorporating some important circuit changes we managed to improve its performance significantly. Extra attention has been paid to the ground plane, its integrity and screening capabilities.

The XO Clock3 is highly customisable and very flexible design.

In its standard configuration XO Clock3 have high quality Low Impedance Tantalum capacitors for power supply bypass. Although we think that the (quality) tantalums perform very well at high frequencies, there has been numerous discussions on the web and inquiries by our customers about using capacitors of other makes and types.

Universal layout of the XO Clock3 board now makes it possible to install different types of capacitors.

Board accepts electrolytic capacitors up to 8.5 mm in diameter which could be mounted from both sides of the board.

Long Life main
reservoir capacitor
Examples of XO Clock3 with ELNA RSH
and Black Gate NX types mounted.
High precision
Quartz Crystals

Other types, such as Sanyo OSCON, Nichicon MUSE or Philips 179 series could be installed as well.*

11,2896 MHz 16,9344 MHz 18,4320 MHz 24,5760 MHz 27,0000 MHz 45,1584 MHz
XO Clock 3 SE

For customers who prefer Black Gate capacitors to other makes, we have XO Clock3 SE version wit BG-NX capacitors available.

Due to the higher operational speeds many new digital ICs are now being produced for 3.3 Volt supply only. Many of them do not have 5 Volt tolerant inputs and should be supplied with external Clock signal that lies in the same 3.3 Volt range.

Typical examples include: DF1706 and SRC4192/4193 by Burr-Brown/T.I. and almost all DSPs in DVD players - Panther, Zoran, Ziva, Pioneer custom ICs and many others.

XO Clock3 is already prepared for 3.3 V output operation - all you must do is specify the output voltage (3.3 or 5 Volts) when you order your XO Clock3 module.

(By default all our 27 MHz oscillator modules for DVD players are configured for 3.3 V output, all other frequencies - for 5 Volts)
All XO Clock3 Oscillator Modules are Burnt-In for 45 minutes before making the final frequency adjustment.

Item Price (€)
XO-Clock3 119,00
XO-Clock3 SE (Special Version with Black Gate NX-HQ Capacitors) 129,00
* Although we do not specially encourage anyone to perform capacitor exchange by themselves, if you are an experienced D.I.Y.'er, feel free to do so, or you can send your favourite capacitors to us and our tech personnel will do it for you.