Sample Rate Converters


SRC Teac VRDS-25

Replaces 'Low-Cost' Sample Rate Converter AD1893 from Analog Devices with their latest generation and much better sounding AD1896. Includes onboard soldering pads that allow it to be configured for all input and output formats and wordlenghts that are supported by AD1896 in Slave Mode. Output Data could be correctly dithered down to 20 Bits if used in conjunction with original SM 5843 Digital Filter or supplied at full 24 Bit wordlenght if used together with our DF-T-25 Adapter. This adapter is designed for Teac VRDS-25 and 25X CD Players only and is not compatible with other models or makes.



Same as above, but designed to upgrade SRC in Teac VRDS-8 CD Player.


SRC 1896 Universal Adapter

This adapter could be used in place of either AD1890, AD1891 or AD1893. It is made to be pin compatible with all three types with the minor exception is that it does not support WDCLK (2 x Fs) input or output. Please check your application before ordering. All input and output formats and wordlenghts that are supported by AD1896 in Slave Mode could be freely configured by onboard soldering pads. Includes onboard Voltage Regulator and Reset Circuitry that could be used to reset external devices as well. Suited for D.I.Y. Projects and prototyping as well (Slave Mode only).

Type Description Price (€)
SRC-T-25 Sample Rate Converter Adapter for Teac VRDS-25 und VRDS-25X 79,-
SRC-T-8 Sample Rate Converter Adapter for Teac VRDS-8 79,-
SRC-UNV SRC 1896 Universal Sample Rate Converter Adapter 79,-
All our Sample Rate Converter Adapters incorporate additional onboard Power Supply Decoupling
by multiple Black Gate NX Hi-Q Series Capacitors.