Op-Amp Adapters

Our IC Adapter Boards are based on the simple Idea that if some particular Op-amp design isn't available as Dual or Quad versions, it could be made out of two SOIC packages in Surface Mount and specially designed Adapter Board.

Op-Amps that could be used with our Adapters include: AD711; AD811; AD844; AD845; AD846; LT1016; LT1122; OPA134; OPA604; OPA627; OPA637 as well as many others and any combination of the above. Unity gain buffers that have standard Op-Amp Pinout (such as BUF634) could be used as well.

All Adapters are of our own design . All our efforts went into designing Adapters as small as possible to allow an easy fit and we also paid an extra attention to the trace geometry, length and their respective thickness.


Two Single SOIC 8 to Dual SOIC 8

World's first Single to Dual SOIC 8 Adapter!
Now You can install two OPA627's in place of one Dual SOIC Op-Amp!

This is our latest creation that we are particularly proud of.
Replaces Dual SOIC 8 package with two Single SOIC's.
Solders directly to mounting Pads on original board.

Attention! Installation requires extremely good SMD soldering skills and all the necessary soldering equipment.

Example photo of D-SOIC installed on Proceed AVP-1 Audio Processor Board


Two Single SOIC 8 to Dual DIP 8

Gives You the opportunity to experience the sound of some High End Op-Amp designs (OPA627, AD797 etc.) in place of the standard Dual DIP-8 package amps. Uses two Single SOIC8 packages.
This latest, more compact version measures only 10 x 10 mm (!) - almost the size of the original plastic DIP-8 IC. One Amp is mounted on top, the other on the underside of the board.


Two Dual SOIC 8 to Quad DIP 14

Replace those outdated and awful sounding TL074/084's with the Dual Op-Amps of Your choice! Most popular for this upgrade are AD712; OP275; OPA2134 and OPA2604. Other types could be used as well. Designed to upgrade Op-Amps in Mixing Consoles in the Pro-Audio field and also P.A . and Car Audio Crossovers. (UREI 525 Crossover is one good example)


Two Single SOIC 8 to Dual SIL 8

Same features as D-DIP. Designed to replace Japanese made Dual Op-Amps (NJM2114; M5218 etc.) in SIL8 Packages found inside many of their CD-Players and Amplifiers. Since none of the higher performance Audio Op-Amps are made in SIL versions, this Adapter is the only way to upgrade such equipment.


Special Adapters for TEAC VRDS25X

These were specially developed by us for the TEAC VRDS25X CD Player upgrades. The 25'er uses only one half of the Dual Op-Amp for the Summing Amp - the other half is being left unconnected. Filter/Output Stage, on the other hand, uses both amps - one for the Filter and the other one as a unity gain inverter for the symmetrical output, but, since we felt that many users would not use symmetrical output at all and that it was of rather poor design anyway, we removed that option and made these two special Adapters available. By leaving out all unnecessary connections we could further optimize the layout on these two compared to our D-SIL version. Type 1 replaces Summing Amp (1-2-3 pinout), Type 2 - Filter Stage (5-6-7 pinout).

Since most of our customers usually go for the "ultimate sound", these are the adapters that we usually have in stock.

Other types of Op-Amps upon request.

If you need a special Adapter that combines different Op-Amps/Buffers on a single board or require larger quantities please get in touch with us.

Type Description Price (€)
D-DIP / D-SIL Dual Adapter consisting two OPA627 Op-Amps 49,-
Q-DIP Quad Adapter consisting two OPA2604 Op-Amps 20,-
Q-DIP Quad Adapter consisting two OP275 Op-Amps 18,-
T-SIL Types 1 & 2 Adapter consisting Single OPA627 Op-Amp 34,-
D-SOIC Dual Adapter consisting two OPA627 Op-Amps 55,-