Jelmax Technical Report No. 26

Unbiased coupling is a serious problem in circuits.

(No. 1) - Black Gate capacitor applications:
Our BG-N solves all the problems.

Operational amplifiers (op-amps) are easy and convenient to use, and they are very often employed in analog and digital circuits. These amplifiers use bi-polar power sources and they have unbiased input and terminals. However, this requires the use of coupling capacitors to remove the polarization caused by normal, polarized electrolytic capacitors. Sometimes non-polarized capacitors are used end in other cases polarized capacitors are hooked up backwards, or in series, to try and deal with the problems. These methods of controlling op-amps inevitably create significant problems with the signals being processed.

Electrolytic capacitors are at their worst in unbiased operation under the following conditions:

  1. Polarized electrolytic capacitors only function as a capacitor in one direction. They work like conductors in reverse polarity.
  2. In an unbiased operation the electrolytic charge is not a reliable Actor, and the capacitor exhibits very low conformance with the signal. This is an unavoidable and fatal defect of ordinary capacitors in these conditions. So, besides the contamination of the power supply, which has been described several times before, the signal itself is subject to large non-linear distortion and phase distortions.

BG-Ns (non-polarized Black Gate capacitors) do not contribute to these types of distortion. On the contrary, they other the best performance among the Black Gate series. The internal construction of BG-Ns Is absolutely and completely symmetrical and they function essentially the same as an electron transfer. They are almost ideal capacitor with the following advantages:

  1. Distortion Is infinitesimal (-16odB or better), 1/1000 or less that in ordinary capacitors.
  2. The internal signal speed is 100 times or more higher than ordinary capacitors.
  3. Their resonance point is even higher than equal-capacity film-type capacitors.
  4. They exhibit minimum E.S.R. and very little scattering.

Therefore, when used for zero-bias coupling, they provide the very best results. The number of applications for BG-Ns is huge. in audio devices: preliminary amplifiers, main amplifiers, microphones, compact disk players, and professional mixing consoles can all benefit. in video devices: TV monitors, video tape recorders, and TV cameras will show improved pictures. in office automation equipment, modems are greatly enhanced. in medical equipment: EKGs, EEGs, and CGs provide cleaner, more accurate readings.

Our brand-new BG-N50V/1µ and BG-N50V/4.7µ can be used to improve the input and output Impedance of all kinds of electronic equipment. Why don't you try these new, non-polarized Black Gates in your application?