Jelmax Technical Report No. 104

The ultimate capacitor Black Gate WKZ for tube use amplifier has completed. All defect of tube use amplifier is expelled and real sound arises.

Nowadays tubes for audio equipment become easy to obtain. Consequently, all over the world, there is a sign of revival of tube amplifier. However, in the case of tube amplifier we can hardly satisfy with the sound quality because it heavily depends on high voltage electrolytic capacitor. Traditional technology is not eligible for high voltage electrolytic capacitor which adapts perfectly to high operation signal action of tube amplifier. Jelmax carried out bold and thorough reform of the inside structure of capacitor which matched to dynamic characteristics and created new revolutionary structured (*1).

What we did was to introduce gate electrode layer using conductive particles into high voltage electrolytic capacitor for the first time. After more than three years research and development, we have succeeded in invention of this new product, BG-WKZ . Now, we launch BG-WKZ to the market all over the world with pride. You will be overwhelmed by the presence of ultimatic quietness and torrential quantity of information. Moreover, most people will be thrilled at unusual stability of sound position and distance. Gate electrodes layer with patented conductive particle put into original action for the first time when it is used in high voltage electrolytic capacitor. Since signal phase is perfectly stabilize, true value of "Black Gate" is demonstrated one hundred percent. While testing Black Gate, we had listened to the record of famous woman pianist and felt as if the Muse was there playing the piano. That is why we named BG-WKZ "Heart of Muse"

To draw out the ability of BG-WKZ fully, please replace all other electrolytic capacitors with Black Gate. Since power smoothing choke coil (*2) is also harmful because of sound distortion, use resistors. Rectification tube is not necessary so that diode only is acceptable. D.C. (*3) should be cut by BG-N for NF loop. These are the "must" for high fidelity sound system. If you follow thus, you will enjoy the world's best sound. By the way, BG-SKZ has fulfilled its important mission and is to be retired for transferring the position to BG-WKZ.

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